Custom Trips - Designed around you


Whether planning your honeymoon or a hostel trip with friends around Europe, we have you covered and will tailor the trip to match your desires and budget.

We have your back


We're here to help you before, during, and after your trip. Want to stay an extra night in Paris? No problem, we'll handle the edit to your trip and send you all the changes while you're out having the time of your life.

What makes us different


-We don't take kickbacks; all savings we receive get passed on to you

-We don't push you into stock vacation packages; we plan your perfect trip

-Run by an airline pilot, we understand non-rev airline employee travel and work to craft the best trip within your limitations.

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How it works


  1. First you send us an email detailing what type of trip you are interested in, offering as many details as possible.
  2.   We respond back to you inquiring about any missing information we might  find valuable in planning your trip, and then respond back to you with a  quote for our services.
  3. Once  we have planned your dream trip and received approval from you as to  our recommendations, we will begin the process of confirming all the  reservations for you.  We bill you directly for everything that needs to  be booked, and we take care of making all the reservations ourselves.   By handling all the separate reservations ourself, we ensure seamless  edits to your trip (should they be necessary) as we will have the  authority and ability to make changes to reservations using our method  of payment.  This also allows us to handle the receipt of any refunds  owed to you or problems that may occur during the trip (as the credit  card company requires speaking to the cardholder, not necessarily the  person using the services of the purchase).  This way we sit on hold  with the companies while you enjoy your vacation!
  4. Once  your trip is planned and booked, we create a portfolio for you that  outlines in detail each step of your journey.  We will send you an  electronic copy of all reservations, maps, and other pertinent  information gathered for your trip in an easy to follow guide for your  travels.  This way you can have a back-up copy of everything  viewable from any computer/smart phone while you travel.
  5. Lastly,  you depart on your trip of a lifetime.  Should there be any information  that arises (cancelations or travel advisories) shortly before you  leave we will contact you and create an alternative plan of action.   This premise also holds true during your trip.


    Bon Voyage!